Craft gin distillery

Hand crafted small batch dry gin distilled by our small family run distillery on the south coast of Dorset.

  • PACKAGING...........
    Here at Dorsetshine Distillery are trying to do our part in being sustainable.
    We have opted to use Flexi-Hex to help us with this. The Flexi-Hex sleeve is a honeycomb design made from paper that will help to product our bottles to be delivered safely to your Gin glasses.
    Flexi-Hex is biodegradable, recyclable and plastic free.

  • Dorsetshine paired with a grapefruit tonic

    Through a lot of taste testing and trial and error, we here at Dorset shine find that a grapefruit tonic goes exceptionally well with our juniper forward London dry. The grapefruit, obviously already a super citrusy but sweet fruit, accentuates the citrus flavour out of the coriander also brings forward the pine juniper flavour.

    In addition to grapefruit, cucumber tonic brings a lovely freshness to the gin, a bit more mellow but perfect for when the sun is out.

About Us

Dorsetshine Craft Gin is a small family run Artisan Distillery on the south coast of Dorset, in Bournemouth.

The Distillery is run by husband and wife team, Dom and Danni. We are very passionate about the Gin we create, (and drink), it took 6 months of trialing lots of flavours and botanicals, until we got that 'it's the right one' feeling and taste, for our take on the London Dry Gin.

We are a small Distillery, only launching our first Gin in May 2022. We use traditional pot Distillation. Each batch is handmade by us - every label, bottling, waxing all done with passion and hard work.

If you love a piney, Juniper forward London Dry, with a hint of citrus, then you will love what we have created here at Dorsetshine. The back notes leave a smooth but peppery finish, and is great served with a mixer, or on its own with ice.

About Us